Schedule an Interview

Interviews should not be intimidating, and at Franklin & Marshall, they aren’t. We prefer to think of interviews as dialogues. One of our?admission counselors will sit down with you for 45 minutes, ask you about your hopes for the college experience, and give you?an opportunity to ask questions. This is your time to tell us something that may not show up on a college application.

If you are unable to interview on campus,?F&M offers regional and skype interviews for high school seniors.

Explore your interview options.

Additional Materials

Applicants are encouraged to submit additional materials to supplement their application, such as?music, dance?or theatre?performances,?film, artwork, or creative writing. ?

All additional materials?should be uploaded to your F&M Application Portal. Portal access will be provided to you after?we receive your Common Application or your Coalition Application. When you?submit?your F&M application online, you will receive an email with a link to gain access to your F&M Applciation Portal.?

When you access your F&M Application Portal page, you will see a "Portfolio Submissions" tab. Click on "Edit Portfolio" and follow the "Upload Instructions". If you have any questions ?about submitting additional materials or portfolio samples, please contact the Office of Admission.?

For music, art, and dance samples, additional submission instructions are provided?below. ?


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Art Portfolio Samples?

The Art Department welcomes samples?of ?your artistic work in any medium. Art?talent samples should?include between?6 to 20 works (no less, no more), preferably submitted as a *.pdf file to?your F&M Application Portal. Be sure to include your full name and type of medium on the *.pdf file name.? Through the works submitted, it is desirable for you to demonstrate both basic skills pertinent to the medium and evidence of visual inventiveness.?

In addition, it is?helpful for you?to submit a short statement (approximately 250 words in as direct and specific a way as possible) that addresses why creating?art?is important to you.

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Music Samples?

There are many ways to engage with the Music Department as an applicant?to F&M. For specific guidelines regarding music submissions and audition opportunities, we recommend visiting the Music Department?website.?

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Dance Samples?

The Dance Department welcomes examples of your dance technique. ?At F&M, dance?is open to all students, ?regardless of prior experience. By submitting samples, our faculty members will be better prepared to match?you with?opportunities to dance at F&M. ?

Video samples should be uploaded directly to your F&M Application Portal. Be sure to include your first and last name in the title. In the case of performances with multiple dancers, we ask that?you identify which dancer is you. Please also indicate whether you choreographed the piece.?