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Two DipCares team members – Care Coordinator Susan Knoll and Brian Samble, assistant dean of Student Affairs and deputy Title IX coordinator – have won the Innovation in Research and Publication Award from the National Behavioral Intervention Team Association (NaBITA).

DipCares?is a team of Franklin & Marshall College faculty, administrators and professional staff who provide support and guidance to students when they face challenging times during?their academic career.?

NaBITA recognized Knoll and Samble for a paper they co-authored about the efforts of DipCares, “Branding Strategies to Enhance Intervention Effectiveness,” published in The Journal of Campus Behavioral Intervention (J-BIT), said Jen Taylor, assistant executive director of NaBITA.

“F&M has pioneered the development of a high-quality case management program in the small college and liberal arts context,” Samble said. “The scale of F&M compounded with the effectiveness evident in our internal data, and with the model we’ve implemented gives F&M an advantage even much larger schools would be hard-pressed to achieve.”

  • Dr. Brian Samble Dr. Brian Samble Image Credit: Michael Miville

Last week’s NaBITA conference recognized the two scholars and DipCares. Knoll was also awarded an Innovation in Research and Publication Award?for her J-BIT article,?“Virtual Care: A Campus-Wide Approach to Providing Support,” in which she discussed F&M’s response when the pandemic began last March.?

“Thank you so much for your contributions to the field, and congratulations on these well-deserved awards!” Taylor wrote, in a message to Knoll and Samble.

  • Susan Knoll Susan Knoll Image Credit: Franklin and Marshall College
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